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Black and Latino Students Are Struggling with Mental Health. This Program Could Help.

When Sandra Kalu was in high school, the majority of her teachers were white, while her classmates were mostly Black and Latino. The disparity mattered. One incident, she says, still sticks in her mind. A teacher admitted to her class that he would cross the street any time he saw a Black or Latino man […]

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‘These Kids Can’t Wait’: The Struggle to Address the Black Youth Mental Health Crisis

At first, Mira Ugwuadu felt a sense of relief when her high school transitioned to remote learning in 2020, allowing her to work on advanced placement courses at her own pace. But soon, the 17-year-old found herself studying outside of school hours, unable to separate academics from her home life.  When her classmates went back […]

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The Invisible Effects of Gun Violence on Children

The nation’s most recent school shooting — which left 19 fourth-graders and two teachers dead in a Texas classroom — has again forced parents to question their children’s safety. While gun violence has become a near-universal fear for Americans, children from underrepresented backgrounds often are most susceptible.  Capital B spoke with Charity Brown Griffin, a […]

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What Happened After LA Schools Cut Police Funds and Hired Mental Health Staff for Black Students

Kyla Payne distinctly remembers being on edge any time she entered Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. The 16-year-old felt uncomfortable being monitored by campus police officers who seemed to be intent on finding crimes and rule violations that weren’t there, Payne said.  “I know for me and my friends, it was difficult trying to […]