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How Race Became the Central Issue in Many School Board Elections

The impending midterm elections could have a dramatic impact on several hot-button issues, from reproductive rights to immigration. But further down the ballot, another battle is brewing. In school board elections, contentious matters of race and identity have become defining issues in many local campaigns. Conservative groups have been funneling money into school board races […]

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The Unintended Consequences of Brown v. Board of Education

When the U.S. Supreme Court deemed segregated schooling unconstitutional in 1954, the landmark decision become a symbol of racial progress. But the ruling came with a hidden cost: the dismissal of tens of thousands of Black teachers and principals as white school staff poured into previously all-Black schools and were promoted into leadership roles over […]

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‘It’s Untenable’: The Unequal Burden of the Student Debt Crisis

The pause on student loan payments is scheduled to end Aug. 31, and millions of Americans are contending with the prospect of another burdensome monthly expense. Dozens of Democratic lawmakers have publicly called for a seventh extension on the payment freeze, and many experts believe that the Biden administration will oblige. But for Black Americans, […]

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Why It’s So Hard for Schools to Teach About Slavery

The Texas Board of Education received national attention this summer when a group of eductors proposed a monumental change to the state’s second-grade social studies curriculum: introducing slavery as “involuntary relocation.”   The board rejected the proposal, but the incident is only the latest controversy surrounding how slavery is taught in American schools. Classes have held […]

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Becky Pringle: The Black Woman Representing Teachers Across the Country

Many Americans learned Becky Pringle’s name for the first time last week, when she testified about the nation’s gun violence epidemic in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.  Pringle, president of the National Education Association, recounted the stories of several deadly shootings that have struck schools nationwide recently, including last month’s massacre […]