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Capital B Events

Join Us for Our Capital B Live Launch Event

“The Power of Black Stories” is a two-day virtual event that highlights the impact of Black narratives in policy, activism, and entertainment.

Welcome to Capital B Live, our events program, where you can experience our journalism through yet another medium. 

On Feb. 24 and 25 at 1 p.m. EST, we hope you’ll join us for Capital B’s virtual launch event: The Power of Black Stories

Our program will feature two days of conversation about the power of putting Black narratives at the center of some of the most important and impactful issues of our time⁠—from politics to health, housing, and entertainment.

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February 24, 2022: The Importance of Black Narratives: On day one, we’ll explore the ways in which sharing Black stories can ignite real change: from the Black Lives Matter movement, to housing policy, to covid and public health, and more.


  • Lauren Williams, CEO and Co-founder Capital B

PANEL | 1:05 P.M. ET

When the World Bears Witness 

Over the last 10 years, video evidence of police brutality has brought the visceral reality of many Black communities to the mainstream, sparking protests, fueling Black Lives Matter and other movements, and becoming a foundational American political conversation. In the aftermath, the families left behind must deal with what it means for a video of the worst moment of their lives to become a call for change.  

  • Shareeduh McGee Tate, cousin of George Floyd
  • Gwendolyn Carr, mother of Eric Garner

Moderator: Christina Carrega, National Criminal Justice Reporter, Capital B

ONE-ON-ONE | 1:35 P.M. ET

Reflections On Black Narratives In Organizing 

Hear from a BLM co founder about the work the organization did to center Black families stories in movement work and the impact that had, the good and the bad. 

  • Alicia Garza, author, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Black Futures Lab

Moderator: Simone Sebastian, Editorial Director, Capital B 


In My Own Words

  • Yusef Salaam, Member of Exonerated Five

PANEL | 2:00 P.M. ET

Centering Black People In the Climate Conversation

The effects of climate change are disproportionately impacting communities of color—and yet Black people are rarely centered in these narratives. Join Capital B as we talk to residents suffering first hand from climate change and the experts and advocates trying to help share their stories.  

  • Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, CEO and President at Environmental Grantmakers Association
  • Dr. Dominic J. Bednar, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Arizona State University
  • Heather McTeer Toney, Vice President of Community Engagement at Environmental Defense Fund and National Field Director for Moms Clean Air Force

Moderator: Adam Mahoney, Environmental Reporter, Grist

PANEL | 2:30 P.M. ET

Addressing The Eviction Crisis In Black Communities 

With the end of eviction moratoriums and a significant decrease in rental assistance funds, the affordable housing crisis is only getting worse. We’ll talk to tenants who face eviction given changing laws, political representatives whose constituents are at risk, and housing rights experts and advocates trying to shine a light on the stories of Black communities. 

  • Janahya Sugick, Atlanta Resident
  • Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
  • Sandra Park, Senior Staff Attorney at ACLU Women’s Rights Project

Moderator: Brentin Mock, Staff Writer at CityLab

PANEL | 3:00 P.M. ET

Community Health In the Age of Covid

Since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on Black communities. Battling mistrust in the healthcare system, residents and community organizations are taking matters into their own hands. Join Capital B for a conversation about how listening to and respecting Black communities can help move the needle. 

  • Aliyya Swaby, ProPublica South children and families reporter
  • Dorothy Oliver, Alabama Resident 
  • Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith, Director of the UNC Center for Health Equity Research

Moderator: Margo Snipe, National Health Reporter, Capital B

CLOSING | 3:30 P.M. ET

  • Lauren Williams, CEO and Co-founder, Capital B

February 25, 2022: Bringing Black Stories to the Masses: On day two, we’ll talk to the people who are centering Black people and Black storytelling in the mainstream: from journalists, to authors, to entertainment executives, there’s power in reflecting the lived experiences of Black people.


  • Akoto Ofori-Atta, Co-founder and Chief Audience Officer, Capital B

ONE-ON-ONE | 1:05 PM. ET

The Fight To Tell Black Stories 

  • Kevin Merida, Executive Editor, The Los Angeles Times

Moderator: Gillian White, Senior Vice President of Revenue & Programming, Capital B

ONE-ON-ONE | 1:25 PM. ET

The Big Interview: Creating Your Own Lane

  • Tyler Perry, actor, director, producer and screenwriter

Moderator: Gavin Godfrey, Atlanta Editor, Capital B

ONE-ON-ONE | 1:45 PM. ET

Centering Black Stories in Journalism 

  • Errin Haines, Editor-at-Large at The 19th News

Moderator: Akoto Ofori-Atta, Co-founder and Chief Audience Officer, Capital B

ONE-ON-ONE | 2:05 PM. ET

Sister Storytellers

  • Tia Williams, Bestselling author of “Seven Days in June”

Moderator: Lauren Williams, CEO and Co-founder, Capital B 

ONE-ON-ONE | 2:25 PM. ET

Stories from the South Side

  • Diallo Riddle, actor, writer, producer and co-creator of HBO Max’s South Side

Moderator: Morgan Johnson, Co-founder of The TRiiBE

ONE-ON-ONE | 2:45 P.M. ET

Black History, American History

  • Clint Smith III, author and staff writer at The Atlantic
  • Moderator: Glory Edim, Creator of Well-Read Black Girl


  • Akoto Ofori-Atta, Co-founder and Chief Audience Officer

To learn more and register for the discussion, check out our events page

More About Capital B Live

As our journalists are hard at work reporting out the most important and impactful stories for Black communities, our live events team will be finding ways to bring those topics to life. You can expect to see Capital B’s core topics, sensibilities, and journalistic excellence mirrored on our virtual and in-person stages. You’ll hear from a wide and varied range of voices, including those who are directly impacted by an issue or event. We’ll keep things fun, too. Expect entertainment, laughs, and lots of discussion of the things you’re most hype about at any given moment, such as books, tv shows, or the new movie we’ve all got to see. 

Why live events? There are a couple of reasons. We love events as a mechanism for our work because they allow us to go deeper into a topic, to have discussion in real time so our audience can see and hear exchange behind our journalism. We also think events are a great way for you to get to know us and the Capital B Community. You can engage with our journalists, guests, and experts through comments and conversations — building the type of robust community we hope to foster with our work. We also think events offer a fun and exciting way to experience the topics and news you’re most interested in, or to learn something new.

To learn more about the events we have on deck, visit our event page. We hope you’ll join us.