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Black Louisianans Grapple With A Climate Change-Denying Governor-Elect

Every 100 minutes, a football field-sized piece of Louisianan land is swallowed by rising seas. But the state, the second-Blackest in America, recently elected a governor who says that climate change is a “hoax.” Just a year removed from Louisiana’s release of its first climate action plan, Black activists fear that Republican Gov.-elect Jeff Landry […]

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New Fed Report Outlines the Unequal Burden of Climate Change

Athens, Alabama, isn’t unique – and that’s the issue. Streetlights are nonexistent, homes aren’t connected to the city’s sewage lines, and streets are poorly maintained.  But in the town, which is the third-fastest growing in Alabama, residents say this reality disproportionately impacts Black people, contributing to residents being expected to live shorter lives than 94% […]

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Why Upgrading the Nation’s Electric Grid Is a Racial Issue

Having grown up in Minnesota, the second-coldest state in the continental United States, Mia Brooks smiled at the thought of the year-round soggy Southern heat before moving to Texas. But as climate change makes summer more oppressive nationwide, it’s made Southern winters particularly more intense. Over the past two decades, the South’s winter and spring […]

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How Labor Rights and Infrastructure Improvements May Limit This Silent Killer

It was just his second day on the job at the Modesto Junk Company in California’s Central Valley — but it was the region’s 34th consecutive day of 90-plus-degree weather. Feeling dizzy, he asked for a break around 2 p.m. The 40-year-old never received one. Later, a co-worker found him unconscious and sprawled across the […]

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A New Tool Mapped Out 184 Climate Risks for Every Community Nationwide. Check Yours.

Globally, this year’s hottest summer on record was deadly, and researchers estimate that numbers will continue to rise in the United States.  But those deaths aren’t equally distributed, and the disparities result from hundreds of different social, economic, and health factors, which leave Black and Indigenous people most susceptible to extreme heat.   A new mapping […]

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A Gas Storage Plant and New Pipeline Disrupt Life for This Black Community

HOUSTON — With their heads bowed, eyes shut, and hands locked, the Southwest Crossing Community Initiative starts every meeting with a prayer: “Please, protect us from a deadly explosion.”  “And please, cover us … and ease our minds.”  Southwest Crossing is an aging community in Houston where nearly 20% of residents are over 65. They […]

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A Detroit Community Fights to Survive as Its Industrial Neighbor Grows

DETROIT— For decades, Detroit has been a poster child for the economic drain of decreased manufacturing across the Midwest. The city has lost hundreds of thousands of mostly Black residents and experienced bankruptcy.  Its East Canfield neighborhood hasn’t been spared — but in a rarity, its demise has been caused by industrial growth, not decline.  […]