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All About Jerry Smith, Sponsorships Director

Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith (Courtesy of Jerry Smith)

 Jerry Smith is a former employee of Capital B.

What I do at Capital B 

As director of sponsorships, I sit on the revenue side of Capital B, building relationships with corporate partners and various organizations. My goal is to identify and promote opportunities for partners to support the quality journalism produced in our newsrooms. 

Why I came to Capital B 

I love storytelling, especially when it involves Black life, and even more so when it focuses on Black life in the South. When I discovered Capital B would not only focus on Black news, but also put attention on local news in Atlanta to start, I was hooked.

The opportunity to help build a Black newsroom during these times feels revolutionary. I believe in the power of journalism and its impact on the collective memory of a nation. I often say “you can’t make history without first breaking the news.” Being a part of the media community for the past seven years, I’ve noticed how difficult it can be to tell our story, our way — or at all, for that matter. I’m excited to be in a space where the entire mission of our journalism and storytelling is rooted in Blackness. Intercommunal News Service vibes. 

Where I’m from

I’m from Alabama — more specifically, I was born in Tuskegee, raised in Vernon, and educated in Tuscaloosa. I can’t say whether growing up in the South had any influence on the work I’ve chosen to do, but it’s definitely the special seasoning that makes me good at that work. My “southern sensibilities” shine through in my approach to building solid relationships, and always bringing honesty, respect, perspective, and charm to the table. 

The song(s) I’m listening to on repeat right now

“Welcome To Maverick City Tour – Columbia, SC” by Maverick City Music on YouTube. 

My favorite Black storytellers/creators 

Barkley L. Hendricks because his paintings most accurately portray how it feels to be big, bold, and Black. 

Nikki Giovanni because of her reassuring take on Black life. 

Lauryn Hill because the MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album is Black gold. 

And Kiese Laymon because Heavy.

Where you can find me

Twitter: @jemismii

Instagram: @jemismii