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Can the Increase in Higher Education Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Solve Health Disparities?

As a young girl, Shaunessey Burks remembers walking up to the plant where her grandfather worked. Pierced in her memory were the fumes radiating from inside the building, where no one was wearing protective equipment. There was no barrier between her grandfather and the hazardous chemicals floating in the air he was breathing. Years later, […]

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What’s Missing in Financial Literacy Courses in School? Experts Explain.

At least 15 states have joined the growing movement to make financial literacy a requirement for high school graduation.  Utah became the first to require a half-credit financial literacy class as a graduation mandate in 2004. Today, eight states require a stand-alone course that provides students with an understanding of personal finance and skills to […]

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GOP States Are Targeting AP Black Studies. Here’s How Kids Can Learn It Outside of School.

This story has been updated. At least four Republican-led states are considering whether a new African American Studies course is in compliance with its laws that restrict lessons on race, following Florida’s ban on the proposed course last month.   Officials in education departments in Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Virginia are reviewing the advanced placement […]

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What We Know About Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief Plan Ahead of the Supreme Court Hearings

In less than 24 hours, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on President Joe Biden’s $400 billion student loan forgiveness program and consider whether the administration can advance the plan forward.  The court agreed to hear two separate cases challenging the legality of Biden’s plan or whether Biden exceeded executive authority. After announcing […]

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‘These Kids Can’t Wait’: The Struggle to Address the Black Youth Mental Health Crisis

At first, Mira Ugwuadu felt a sense of relief when her high school transitioned to remote learning in 2020, allowing her to work on advanced placement courses at her own pace. But soon, the 17-year-old found herself studying outside of school hours, unable to separate academics from her home life.  When her classmates went back […]

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Florida’s Rejection of Af-Am Studies Reflects the Historical Fight for Black Education

Florida officials have rejected a new Advanced Placement course on African American Studies, calling it “woke indoctrination” that “significantly lacks educational value.”  The state education board released a list of their concerns with the new course, which, like others in the AP program, allows high school students to earn college credit through an advanced curriculum […]

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An HBCU Student’s Viral Classroom Arrest Sparks Alarm and Anger on Campus

Distressing cellphone video of police officers arresting a student at a North Carolina HBCU following a verbal altercation with her professor has reignited debate about the use of law enforcement in education and has some people wondering: Where are Black students safe?  Police at Winston-Salem State University arrested the student in front of her class […]

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How Race Became the Central Issue in Many School Board Elections

The impending midterm elections could have a dramatic impact on several hot-button issues, from reproductive rights to immigration. But further down the ballot, another battle is brewing. In school board elections, contentious matters of race and identity have become defining issues in many local campaigns. Conservative groups have been funneling money into school board races […]