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What to Do If You Witness Possible Police Misconduct

Disturbing cellphone and police body camera footage of a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy tackling a Black woman to the ground as she filmed the arrest of a man raises questions about how bystanders can protect themselves while documenting possible police misconduct. In police body camera footage released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department […]

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A Broken Justice System Is Only Deepening the Grief of Sinzae Reed’s Family

Megan Reed was in the middle of cooking dinner when she was startled by someone repeatedly banging on the front door of her Columbus, Ohio, apartment. A neighbor alerted her that her youngest son, Sinzae Reed, was shot.  Reed rushed out of their second-floor apartment in the Wedgewood Village Apartments complex with food still cooking […]

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Shooting of Black Teen Is a Symptom of Kansas City’s Racist History

Alvin Brooks remembers growing up as the only Black kid in an all white, but poor white, Leeds-Dunbar neighborhood during the 1940s in Kansas City, Missouri. Although he made friends, he was reminded that in other parts of the city he was not welcome. Sometimes the streetcar’s white motorman charged him a nickel to board […]

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Black Men Continue to Be Overrepresented in Annual Wrongful Conviction Report

A majority of wrongful convictions have been tied to drug possession allegations that were brought on by corrupt police officers who targeted Black people, a new report revealed. The National Registry of Exonerations tallied 233 exonerations in 2022, of which a majority stemmed from patterns of misconduct by police officers. In addition, NRE researchers found […]

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Amid National Scrutiny of Policing, HBCU Chiefs Work to Remake Relationships With Students

Ace Conyers isn’t the typical South Carolina State University student. His father is the university’s president.  But that connection hasn’t always kept Conyers feeling comfortable on campus. He remembers a particularly helpless moment during his freshman year. It was his first night on campus. He was playing music and sitting outside of Earle, a male […]