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Capital B Launches Black Local News Fund

Your contribution will enable us to respond quickly to any community that needs stronger local news, no matter its size, location, or average income.

Building stronger Black communities is at the heart of what we do. That’s why at Capital B, we open local newsrooms that Black people can depend on to deliver accurate, trustworthy information about what is happening around them. We’ve been doing this work in Atlanta since we launched in 2022, and we’ll begin doing it in Gary, Ind., when we launch our newsroom there later this year. 

There are so many more Black communities that need better news and information, and we want to be ready to go where there is the most need. Today, we’re launching our Black Local News Fund, an initiative that will help us do just that. 

At Capital B, our model supports reporting for a national Black audience as well as local journalism for a growing network of newsrooms. Sustainability is at the core of our mission — and we’ll continue to expand our network of local newsrooms through a mix of donations from national, regional, and hometown foundations, and small- and large-dollar donors. 

But the truth is, not every community has a bounty of local funding options. And whether you’re a Black resident of a big city like Atlanta or a rural town, you need to know what is happening in your community and how it all affects you. 

Enter our Black Local News Fund.

A donation to the fund will grow a pool of money that we can direct to any Black community that needs stronger local news, no matter its size, location, average income, or the availability of local philanthropic support. 

As the fund grows, we’ll be ready to serve Black communities in news deserts across the country, in large metropolitan areas as well as off of the beaten path — with a focus on where Black consumers most need quality news and information to improve their quality of life, promote civic engagement, and ensure accountability among elected officials and leaders.   

Over the next week, we’re hoping to raise $10,000 to launch the Black Local News Fund, so that we are ready to spring to action when it’s time to open a new local newsroom. Any additional donation from you could go a long way as we make this happen. You can do so here

Thank you for believing in us, and in the power of journalism to make our communities stronger, safer, more informed, and better connected. Let’s do this! 

Capital B is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to uncovering important stories — like this one — about how Black people experience America today. As more and more important information disappears behind paywalls, it’s crucial that we keep our journalism accessible and free for all. But we can’t publish pieces like this without your help. If you support our mission, please consider becoming a member by making a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!