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Police Shot Handcuffed Black Man in the Face in Mississippi, Attorney Says

Criminal Justice

Drug Costs Are Burdening Rural Black Seniors. This New Law Could Help.

Health Equity

These USDA Programs Want to Advance Equity — but They Don’t Ask for Applicants’ Race

Black Biz

The Government Failed to Help Black Farmers. These Women Created a Fund for Them.

Black Biz

Student Loan Forgiveness Is On Hold. What’s Next for Black Borrowers?

Higher Education

How Gerrymandering Hurt Black Voters in the Midterms

2022 Midterm Election

Why So Many Black Candidates Struggled in the Midterm Elections

2022 Midterm Election

Black Voters Turn Out to Polls Despite Election Day Confusion

2022 Midterm Election

The Black Candidates to Watch on Election Day

2022 Midterm Election

Meet Deidre DeJear, the Black Woman Hoping to Become Iowa’s Next Governor

2022 Midterm Election

Meet the Rural, Black Voters Who Hold the Key to Georgia’s Midterm Elections

2022 Midterm Election

Jackson’s Not Alone. Water Crises Are Plaguing Black Communities Nationwide.

Environmental Justice

Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Federal Debt Relief Program Dismissed


Jackson’s Running Water Is ‘High-Pressure Poison,’ Residents Say

Environmental Justice

Mississippi Water Crisis Is ‘Racism to the Umpteenth Degree,’ Residents Say

Environmental Justice

Why the Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t ‘Level the Playing Field’ for Black Farmers

Has The Black Church Evolved on Abortion?

Reproductive Health

Mistrust of USDA Could Cause Black Farmers to Lose Out on Funding

Wealth Gap

Juneteenth Has Gone Mainstream. Should Everyone Be Celebrating?

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