Kimberly Spencer
Kimberly Spencer (Kendra Layne)

What I do at Capital B 

I am the senior director of development and am responsible for all philanthropic support from corporate and private foundations and individual donors. I work with the team to help build the support we need, not just for our Atlanta and national reporting, but also as we scale to additional locations.

Why I came to Capital B 

I believe that most current media outlets ignore the needs of Black communities. I have spent most of my career raising millions of dollars to help nonprofit institutions, including news organizations. While diversity and equity are always part of the mission and vision statements, few have actually done anything to address anti-Black sentiment within their organizations and boards. The needs of our community are often afterthoughts or talking points. With the increase in mis/disinformation circulating, especially about public health and voting rights, I believe that Capital B is the solution to bring critical news and information to Black America.

What I do in my free time

In my spare time, I research genealogy. I spend hours digging through probate and census records to try to piece together my family history. My passion for genealogy began after I took a DNA test to see where my ancestors originated. While I know that my ancestors probably came from Nigeria and were enslaved on a plantation in Louisiana, I am still working to get past the 1850 census to find the missing pieces of my family history. I hope to eventually share what I am learning to help others find out about their history. 

The song I’m listening to on repeat right now 

As I AM” by H.E.R.

My favorite Black storytellers/creators

Toni Morrison: I read The Bluest Eye when I was 18, and it began a lifelong love of Morrison’s storytelling. 

Ava DuVernay: She has an ability to capture the raw essence of Black experiences in a way that is masterful.

Kiese Laymon: Heavy is brilliant.

Where you can find me

On Twitter @ftcollinsmama, on Linkedin, or by email:

Kimberly Spencer is Capital B's senior director of development. Twitter @trainingreform